Saturday, December 24, 2005 Merry christmas, happy new year!
To everyone out there: merry christmas and a happy new year!

It's highly unlikely that you'll hear further news 'bout Anudu in 2005, so we say thankyou and wish the very best. You'll definitely hear something new from us in 2006! Promise! :)

Friday, December 09, 2005 New song, new album, new frontiers!
So, what's the matter? Did you like Mary Ann? I sure did. Still do, respectively. Again, I'm to announce some fine things:

First of all, we've added lyrics to yet another new song. This one will be really, really, oh yeah, really power heavy metal kiss ass virtuosity, named Holy War. And I suppose this to become the opener of the new album; so we want something, that kicks straight into the listeners face... just you wait! This one will kick! Kick! Kick!

Speaking of the new album: we're currently thinking our dear heads off to hatch a good title. That's quite difficult. If you have any scintillation, don't hestitate to tell us.

Last, not least, the production of the song Far Away, which will be the next or one of the next songs in our queue, will break even scientific frontiers. That's because my thesis will be called: Konzeption und Bewertung digitaler Produktionsprozesse am Beispiel der Eigenkomposition eines Rock-Songs. Which means something like: Record that stupid song and tell shit a lot about it!

So I will! I call that a fine combination of duty and fun! Stay heavy, stay tuned, stay straight.

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