Sunday, October 23, 2005 5 years ANUDU.COM
Heyho! Today I have the difficult quest to prepare this speech for the 5th anniversary of ANUDU.COM. Yeah, right, it's been five years! Five! I'm doing music in Anudu together with drumbunny since 1998, that are... ehm... seven years. And after two years of habitational challenge, we decided to name the band ANUDU, grab an appropriate homepage and start to publish the fun we had together. Free.

And on this very day, October 23rd 2000, ANUDU.COM got up and running! Since then we published three albums. And I'm not showing of if I say, that each one is a quantum leap, compared to its predecessor. But why am I telling this?! I think you know!

Additionally, it's been exactly one year since our last album, Sighland, was released. And we're working like crazy on the next one. This time, we're a bit delayed, when it comes to the production status of the new album. But of course, that's because this year, we offered four live shows in huge venues in Cologne. That was fun and paid off very well. Spiritual! Sure!

And I'm not kidding when I say, that I really, really enjoyed the last 5 years. Out there, there are so many bands that work their ass off and never ever reach an audience. Sure, maybe they want to do it for a living or they want 4 groupies a night... dunno. Don't care. However!
That's the reason, why we decided to publish everything for free. And that was, where the fun began. People actually listen to our music and they don't have to pay a penny for it. That's so amazing! Our songs were, without doubt, played in each and every country of the world. Thanks to the internet! So, nothing is in vain. I know, that I am doing music for people in the whole world.

That makes me happy. And if something makes me happy, I'll pursue it further. And I am even more happy, when loads of people download our stuff. And they'll do, if they're happy with the songs. So I'll write good songs and do my very best to create another splendid album. To make you happy, to make me happy. So that everyone will be happy in the end.

If you think, that this is wide-eyed yakety-yak, you're exactly right! It is. It is, because we are a wide-eyed yakety-yak band. The one that gives away all the fruits of its (hard) work for free. And guess what? WE LOVE IT!

Cheers, for the next 5 years!!

Marco and the other boneheads: Patrick, Daniel and Daniel

Sunday, October 16, 2005 Sighland Tour 2005 FIN
Well, that was a nice li'l gig at the All Area in Cologne. We've provided some pictures of that show and will certainly add some more soon. Yes, and this is it. The Sighland Tour 2005 is complete, thanks to all our supporters and fans! We're for sure a bit sad about not playing live for a few months now, but as you know, our next album is in the furnance!

Speaking of the next album... we already had a rehearsal with a new guest musician yesterday and I bet you'll love the song in question. It's pure energy, magic, gooseflesh risin', powerful and it will seriously kiss some ass. Or kick. You'll love it! I do! Cheerz!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Carving ideas!
Heyhey! This is Marco, again! Today is our dress rehearsal for the show on Thursday. And we've got a cosy setlist for a whole hour of Anudu stage fun. I've invited the fellows for dinner... well... I'm not going to pay. I just told 'em, that they should come.

And, what shall I say? I think we will hatch some absolutely stupid jokes and gestures for the show! Maybe, we decide that drumbunny shall play naked, how would you like that? Or we don't shave ourselves till showtime? Or we all wear neat little frocks... guess we have to shave then, after all. Our legs, maybe. Or we just stop playing and start reading newspapers. My head is literally full of extremly good ideas!

Well, and of course, I am not going to tell you about the setlist, but anyway, I tell you, that we will play Virus. Full length, uncensored. Guess what? This song is so mazy! Crazy! Already carved memos on the neck of my guitar. Weird! See you on Thursday! Cheers!

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