Saturday, July 30, 2005 Step 1 to the new album!
The band began with the recording of the all new, upcoming album today. The first song in queue will be Joys of War and the drums have been recorded, just a few minutes ago. Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 17, 2005 Heading for the studio!
Gays and gals, honeys and bunnies, lovers and haters! It's been some shakin' months and I bet I never lost this much sweat! Maybe in a lifetime.
Yesterday, the huge final concert, as far as our meanwhile-not-so-very-new album Sighland and it's tour is concerned, took place and again, I lost about 34 pounds. Additionally, 72 neck-pains for slubberish drummers.
Speaking of drumbunnies... I will sharpen my lariat and go catch that li'l hyperactive jab-shot, lash it on it's drum-stool and hit the record-button. 'cause speaking of not-so-new albums, we all think that a new one should come across. The sooner the better. And we have the material for this, believe it, or don't! Maybe, you'll even take our nice Rocktails and Sighland CDs and trash 'em, because the new album will seriously kick some ass!

Oh, and I should mention, that we did some shooting yesterday, so a nice and all-again-for-free video is closing in. Of course, you'll be able to download it! Yes. Yes, for free. Yes. You're right. No strings attached. Just hit that download button, once the video dropped in. So, salute and see you on the next concert, which will be in October, I think. I will jail those three jackasses in the studio now. Time for work! Album 4! Hugh! Chacka!

Pictures of yesterday's liveshow can be seen here. More pictures will follow soon.

Friday, July 01, 2005 Going live on July 16th
What time is it? July! July is the month of our bombastic finale in the city of Cologne!

Anudu plays live and uncut and by no means censored at the Essigfabrik in Cologne-Deutz on
Saturday, July 16th, kicking of ~ 19:00 CET!

This map is sort of centered right on location! Just to get you a feeling! Between the second and the third bridge of the three bridges in center, then right on the right shore! Allright? That place is called Siegburgerstr. 110, 50679 Koeln.

That is our final concert before our summer break and before we withdraw to our snail shell to go an record our 4th and by far best album. Yeah, right, the upcoming one! So get your tickets while you can!

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