Sunday, June 19, 2005 Happy Birthday Daniel Buettner!
It's Mr. Double Base Boom-Boom-Bunny Drum-Smurf's birthday today! Congratulations from all members, Daniel!

Drumbunny from Outer Space

Keep on hittin' the spot!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 Anudu live, July 16th
Anudu will once again play live in Cologne's Essigfabrik on July, 16th. This will be our final concert of the Sighland Tour 2005, so, for god's sake, don't miss it!

Order your tickets directly here or at +49 2267 137 300. As usual, there will be some surprises, but this time we really came up with a divine setlist that you're going to love!

This will be a showdown to remember and who knows, maybe you'll even tell your grandchildren 'bout that! It's Saturday, July 16th, kicking off at about 19:oo! See you there, drink a beer, let us entertain!

Sunday, June 05, 2005 play Anudu from anywhere!
A nice little feature has been added to! Play Anudu songs from anywhere without a player and without the need to download! Simply use our new Jukebox Player, hit the start button and get going! All you need is the Macromedia Flashplayer, but we suppose you already have it! ;)

Both latest albums are completely playable, without flaws in quality or length! Have fun! Happy listening!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 Happy Birthday Daniel Gambal!!
The four-strings-armed bass rippin' fighting midget from outer space, also known as Daniel Gambal has a birthday today!

Birthday Midget

The rest of the band and wish him the very best on his life task to once become a big musician. Until then, we are all proud 'bout his attendance at the great Anudu Rockband! Keep on reaching for that microphone!

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