Wednesday, April 27, 2005 New show, May 29th
Anudu will play live in Cologne's Essig Fabrik on Sunday, May 29th. Admittance will be as of 18:30 CET. This concert is given due to the huge success of the Underground Show in March. The Essig Fabrik is a much bigger venue for more than 1000 maniacs - like you!

Therefore, we've been able to lower the ticket prices significantly.

Order your tickets directly here or at +49 (0) 2267-137-300 (german + english). We'll love to see you there! Until then: stay heavy!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 Show update from Marco
Marco sez:

Beloved folks! The fact that we didn't come up with an April's Fool this year doesn't necessarily mean that we are just layin' our feet on some tables and do nothing! In fact we're doing a lot!
For example, we are spending sheer loads of money into more technical equipment with knobs and faders and 7-segment displays. Fortune brought us a fine little digital recording unit with two huge screens and when we're not using it to check out if our new recording equipment is capable to reflect the quality of our new stuff, then we play 'Catch-the-Mouse-Cursor' with our little cutey behind the drums, aka drum bunny. It's so cute! 8)
Ehrm... as a matter of fact, I'm quite positive, that we'll be able to once again raise our recording quality. And that's damn important, because I think the new songs are going to seriously kick some asses. Our surprise pack is already loaded with five new songs, each one with things you'll love! The machinery is slipperin' in oil and working perfectly!

And, of course, we will soon play once again in Cologne. The date isn't fixed yet, but we will! Very soon! One month! Maybe two! That's especially for you guys who missed the first show. You missed a lot, promise! Well, here's your second chance!

So that's it for now and as usual: everything will get even better! Now I have to bring drum bunny to bed. He's yellin'. Cheerz!

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