Monday, June 21, 2004 really great news
Currently, the production of the songs Don't Care and Salvation is running parallel.

Anudu is proud to announce, that no one less than the great and well known musician Mr. Adrian Neagu is playing the piano on Salvation. Marco reported from a studio in Cologne that "the recordings of the piano are outstanding. Our fans may expect a really great song with a splendid production!"

Ionstorm Studios only participate this time in the production of Salvation. Most work will be done in the studios of Mr. Martin Ahman from techno factory 4nation.
Marco: "We are all very excited about the great help we get on this song by the two professionals. And finally, one of our songs will sound exactly as it was meant to be!"

Additionally to this, Patrick added two songs to the album Sighland, which makes its tracklist final. The songs are named Audrey and Separated. You can take a gaze at the lyrics here!

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