Thursday, September 25, 2003 greetings to the world!
Today it's time to thank you -'s visitors - for your support and your interest in Anudu and Anudu's music during the last few years!

We are very exited about all those visitors from all these different countries and it's good to know that, whatever our politicians think or say, music and peace are the things that rule and matter in our hearts.

Especially, we'd like to greet this month's visitor's countries:
Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, France, United States, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Finland, Israel, Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Austria, Estonia, Seychelles, Sweden, Singapore and Brazil!

As mentioned, the band is back on track now! The Rocktails album is finished and it's time to head for the next one!

As usual, you'll get all the latest updates about the band and it's products first at!

And pay some attention to our redesigned soundfiles section! It contain's some rare diamonds from the Wings Out of Shadows era!

Have fun! Up the irons! Thanks for your support!

Cheers, Marco

Tuesday, September 23, 2003 Summer break is over!
Summer break is over! The band is going back to business now! Stay put for new news! :o)

Sunday, September 14, 2003 Backstage video
So here it is, as promised: Our short backstage video which was filmed during our preparations for the Rocktails Release Party. Click here and watch it now! (16,2 MB; AVI) Special thanks to everyone involved in making this video possible! ;) More band news are soon to follow!

Take care,


Monday, September 08, 2003 Heroes live video
Alright folks, this is the final piece of live gig vid you're gonne get from our Rocktails Release Party. Check out our very last song Heroes and grab it by clicking here! (23,0 MB; AVI) I hope you enjoy it, 'cause we really had a blast standing finally on a stage presenting our songs.

So... you wanna get a little update on what's the band's currently doing? Well, after working on Rocktails we thought it would be a good thing to get some rest from all the studio work and band stuff, so we haven't seen each other a lot lately. We all enjoyed the summer and the sunshine, I went on vacation to Tunisia and visited some festivals while Marco is still lying in the sun somewhere in Greece and hell knows what Daniel is doing... perhaps he is doing that thing he always does to improve is drumming abilities. And no, it's not practicing!
But I promise we will soon be back in our little dark and wetty band room to create some new songs and do some live internet streaming.

Meanwhile we have a little surprise for you comig next weekend... we made a short backstage video, filmed during setting up the stage and doing soundcheck. This is the band like you've never seen them before... or do you? ;)

Greetz to everyone,


Wednesday, September 03, 2003 Lifeless live video
Prepared for a little bunch o' fun? Download the live video of the song Lifeless! Click here! (15,1 MB)

Observe the front row going nuts!

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