Sunday, November 03, 2002 status report
Where have all the the updates gone... *sing*

Well, time for a little justification! What's going on with the band?

The ballad Broken is still under construction and still lacks the vocals. Hard to say when it will be finished.

Marco declared the Rocktails album to be almost finished. He is now working on one final song which is meant to grow, until the rest of the album is recorded. This one will deal with politics and may become veerrrrrrry long.
He is asking for some songlines! So: if you want to tell the world what you think about politicians, drop us some lines to us. It is highly likely that you'll find your own lines in that new song. is currently investigating an option to broadcast Anudu's rehearsal live onto the Internet, each saturday! But that's just a pre-preview on future features!

As you see, we don't just sit around and smoke joints! :) Stay tuned!

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