Friday, September 13, 2002 goodbye potatoe chips!
Marco has finished another song, a ballad as it seems. You may have a look at the lyrics, if you like!

This one is called 'Broken'.

Monday, September 02, 2002 reconnect
KRANK from U.S.A. says "This song sounds kinda punk. Guitars are cool. The band sounds kinda like the Sex Pistols to me for some reason. Good effort."

PHOENIXMETAL from Long Island, New York says "vocals sounds like green day. i like the guitar very fast and heavy!"

floppyjohn from Washington, DC says "very cool mix on intro! this has a great urgency to it! it is a lot of fun. i don't know what the hell you're singing about, but I bet it's funny. great energy throughout this. good luck with it."

As funny as suicide bombing can be! :)

However, three songs of the new Anudu era have been completed and may be downloaded completely free at our soundfiles section!

The big question by now is: what song is the band going to record next!? We have to stay patient, it seems!

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