Sunday, March 17, 2002 Congratulations!
Anudu congratulates and salutes to Blind Guardian for this astonishing and tremendous success with the new album, even entering the german charts at rank 5! They give hope, that taste isn't lost entirely in germany!

The new song by Anudu - 'Grab Your Heart' - is going very well! A song that'll fit in the line of Ionstorm and Tell Tale Heart! So, we can expect to notice a great development with the Rocktails-Album!

Additionally, ex-bassist Jens and Marco are negotiating about a musical future and influence by Jens at Anudu and they both appreciate it! All in all, future looks bright!

Tuesday, March 05, 2002 New song!
I received a mail by Marco today, telling that there's a new song being in production right now! He already finished the lyrics and the major songline and so he's planning to present this new song to the band next saturday.

Have a look at the lyrics of the new song 'Grab Your Heart' brand-hot here!!

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