Sunday, January 13, 2002 email for you
He we go again! A new, virginlike year lies directly in front of the band! With new efforts and new tasks! Here are some lines taken from an email by Marco:

"Hi everybody! First of all, I wish everyone out there an impressive new year! The same goes for Ela, Daniel and Sebastian! We are currently stuck in some work to create a studio, with all that high-complicated tech crap! We're all looking forward to use it as soon as it's complete to rerecord some songs in exactly the manner, we like it.
I'm quite optimistic that these new productions will, on the one hand, sound much better and on the other, contain much more stuff, like choirs (I love choirs!) or additional guitars and orchestral stuff around it and all!! Helldammit, I'm really looking forward to create these songs, especially in postproduction!
For musical production goes the same! As you might remember, our new album ROCKTAILS already has got 6 songs (or 7? Somewhat!) more to come! From my personal point of view, these songs are already much much much much better than the Wings-Songs.... although they exist mainly in our heads, by now...

But that, of course, will change, as the new equipment is set up and armed in our basement!

And let me say something more: Jack, our Webmaster, sometimes get's a bit nervous, as there is nothing really new about Anudu's development, at least nothing worth mentioning in the's news section! But Anudu is complete different to other bands you might know! Think about it! It takes one to 2 years between two albums of your favourite band, and you hear nothing about it in the meantime! With Anudu, it's different, that's the nature of an Internetb@nd! You get every development damn hot on your screen!

And you might even interfere, give hints and criticism and so on! Enjoy it! At least, it's all a big test! For us and for you! So Jack, calm down! :)"

I'll calm down, I'll calm down, no prob! :) Allright, sounds like big news are approaching!!

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