Tuesday, November 20, 2001 Rocktails Rocktails
The production of the new album "Rocktails" is in progress!

Marco told us: "...we have just finished the opener and the instantly following second track "Tell Tale Heart". Track #1, Rocktails, begins with a powerful and heavy opening and then calms down to an accoustic piece, just to regain the energy of the intro after the lyrics are done. And without a pause, the "Tell Tale Heart" begins beating! The band members are all satisfied with these two tracks and I am very happy, that I will be able to announce an exiting album, as soon as it's finished!"

Yes, right! And right out of the band's rehearsal room:
The Rocktails lyrics! Click here to view the wise words of the intro!

Friday, November 16, 2001 CD available
The new Wings Out of Shadows CD is available for shipping!

It contains the new recordings, as well as some old classics! 13 songs and 60 minutes for 8 bucks! Get it!

Friday, November 02, 2001 reconnect
The new recordings of the songs

  • This Life
  • God Has Left for Good
  • Don't Hurt Me and
  • Wish

    and the previously unreleased tracks

  • I Love You and
  • God Has Left for Good Instrumental Version

    are available for download for some days now. We received a lot of mail and 'interactive' cheers. The band likes to thank you for the positive resonance!

    Keep downloading!

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