Tuesday, September 27, 2005 All Area, Cologne, October 13th
Hey-ho, maniacs! Wanted to make sure you don't forget about our upcoming support for Miasma, October 13th, Cologne at the All Area! Mark your calendars with a big red cross, come over and have a drink with us!

And of course we have to tinker a setlist, so why don't you tell us about your favourite wanna-hear song?

I'm quite sure that could be a lot of fun, especially if you select songs from which I forgot all the chords! Hehe! Thankyou for that!

Saturday, September 17, 2005 Joys of War released!
We're puppy proud to announce, that our newest celestial piece of war-protest has been released! Joys of War is available for download. The complete song can be downloaded or use our Anudu player and just hit that PLAY button!

This is the first song of our all new upcoming album and we hope you have as much fun hearing it, as we had making! Cheers!

Oh, and, by the way! 3 pictures can be seen, as we faithful work on that song. Click here! Have fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 Häschen in der Grube
Hello fanatics! We've got a ditty in Germany that goes:

Armes Häschen, bist du krank, daß du nicht mehr trommeln kannst?

Where "Armes" means poor, "Häschen" means bunny, which is in this case drumbunny, and "bist du krank" means are you ill? Our drum-bunny, indeed, is ill, he's suffering from a knee surgery. So, while the rest of the band is currently unlearning the instruments, no rehearsals take place and we're just having a good time, drinking alcohol and wasting vacancies.

Next Saturday we're going for the (hope so) final mix of Joys of War, since music without beat is like a man without freckles. Stay heavy, honeys!

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