Sunday, December 23, 2001 yeardone
It's been a busy year! And for this news section of, it's almost over! The band is enjoing the holidays and therefore, we don't expect much new stuff here. Let's have a look back and then say goodbye till the new year of 2002!

January: the two songs God Has Left For Good and This Life have been released. Bassist Jens Voigtlaender joined Anudu. The cover artwork of the Wings Out of Shadows Album has been released. The band begins to deal with Braun Studios for professional recordings.

February: two new songs are in production. Guest musician Thomas Johnen get's injured.

March: the first Anudu T-Shirts become available. gets multilingual. Don't Hurt Me is released. gets to life (formerly just's email service starts.

April: Anudu's songs hit the charts at very good positions. Lonesome is published. The band has it's first studio session, This Life is recorded within 6 hours. 7 further hours and Baby Mine and Don't Hurt Me are rerecorded. Another 4 hours produce the song I Love You. Wish and God Has Left For Good follow in another 4 hours of work.

May: Braun Studio productions delay. A new tracklist is published.

June: the band is stuck, because Braun Studios delay everything.

July: Anudu appears live on stage at the Dawn of the Stars night, which was a great success. The work on Ionstorm begins.

August: Marco is still working on Ionstorm. Not only music and lyrics, but even a story, which can be seen here:

September: the "Tell Tale Heart" begins beating, as Marco finished the theoretical work on Ionstorm. Jens Voigtlaender leaves the band, due to his lack of focus. Sebastian Schulz rejoins Anudu.

October: has got it's first birthday. Therefore, the name of the new album is released: ROCKTAILS. And, finally, the professional recordings from Braun Studios are finished and published.

November: more songs of the new album get produced.

December: first preview versions of these new songs are released. Here we are.

It's been a busy year! Although, Braun Studios have delayed literarilly everything, the band is back on track now. With motivated members, a very own studio and lots of ideas for the upcoming album. Expect everything!

The band wishes everyone out there a great christmas time and a happy new year!!! Keep on rockin'!

And me too,

Jack Napier, Webmaster[at]

Friday, December 07, 2001 Demoversions
Low quality preview versions of the openers "Rocktails" and "Tell Tale Heart" have been published! You can get a glimpse on the two new songs! But beware: LOW QUALITY!

Click here to preview Rocktails!
Click here to preview Tell Tale Heart!

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